Five Tips for Selling Your Used Motorbike

Five Tips for Selling Your Used Motorbike

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Maybe a new bike has caught your eye, or maybe it’s just time to sell your old bike and get some extra garage space. For whatever reason, you find yourself in the position of a used bike salesperson and need to make some big decisions about value and listing locations. While you could simply stick your bike on the side of the road with a sign on it, some research and planning will get you a much better deal for your bike.

Setting a Price

The process of determining a fair price for your bike takes time and research. A comparison between how much you believe your bike to be worth and what the average market value for similar bikes will help you narrow it down to a range. After researching the price range, take a critical look at your bike or have an unbiased source evaluate the overall condition, checking for any small dents, scratches or imperfections. Remember that although you may have loved the customisations you put on the bike, a buyer may not. Pull out any original parts, and have them ready to go along with the final sale. Be honest with the evaluation, and give your bike a thorough clean up because buyers will pass over a bike that is not priced fairly.

Mechanical Repairs

If the bike is running well and in great condition, then there may be very little mechanically that you will need to replace. Putting in a fresh set of spark plugs is always a good choice, and you should always change the oil and other fluids. Filters require a good cleaning, and, if possible, set all the controls back to original adjustments in the manual. For this step, it’s always a good idea to have your trusted mechanic look over the bike and make sure it is in the condition you think it is. Ultimately, prospective buyers will probably have a mechanic look over the bike before buying it, so it’s better not to have any surprises if you didn’t get it looked at ahead of time.

Selling to a Dealer

One of the quickest, simplest ways to sell your bike is to a dealer. Although you may not get top dollar, you will avoid the process of advertising, negotiating, and making final transactions. If you find a reliable bike trader, you will get your money quickly without too much paperwork or other details. Alternatively, you could list it through a dealer on consignment, but remember that you will have to wait until the final sale to get the payment. However, it ultimately avoids many of the hassles of selling as an owner.

Always make sure that you read reviews of any bike trading dealerships that you consider selling to, and don’t give the new owner the keys to your bike until payment is initiated or the trade is finalised. If you aren’t sure of how much the bike is worth, consult with a mechanic or trusted professional for a second opinion. Regardless of how you end up selling your used motorbike, taking the time to research your bike’s condition and making an honest evaluation of how much it is worth will get you the best deal.

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