5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Summer Tires

5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Summer Tires

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It’s summer and a perfect time for adventure and fun. But make sure your tires are up to it. Many car owners prefer installing all-weather tires, but some also prefer installing summer tires for a better performance in hotter weathers. And since the dry weather is favorable for your tires, it helps in getting more mileage out of your car. How better could it get?

Read on for some facts about summer tires.

  1. Shallow treads

It might color you surprised that when you glance at a summer tires after using them a considerable amount of time, you notice a near bald state on their surface. This is because they have shallower treads than winter or all-weather tires. If you drive these tires in wet or snowy conditions, you wouldn’t have much of a grip. This is why we always recommend to swap the summer with winter or all-weather when the time strikes. Shallow treads also makes the driving more hazardous in the wet conditions.

  1. More contact with the road

Summer tires are specifically fashioned by the manufacturers to have as much physical contact with the road as possible. It provides more grip whenever you are angling through curves or cruising down the highway. Summer tires are a perfect fit for smooth and dry roads.

  1. Firmer road quality

As the summer tires are specifically designed for maintaining as much physical contact with the road. Which means that you will confront bumps and pivots throughout the journey, which will give you stiffness and soreness after the trip. Hence, make sure your car seats do have lumbar support to make the bumps go easy on you.

  1. A perfect choice for performance cars

Albeit summer tires are an ideal fit to almost every car, but manufacturers have also developed high summer performance tires especially for performance cars. As these special cars need an increased agility and grip control, what could be a better choice than these tires? You can also update your performance cars with performance parts.

  1. Elevated cost

While summer performance bestows us with so many special features, but do remember that every good thing comes with a price. There will be a need for more investment for summer tires, and a tad bit less in winter and all-weather tires. If you are looking for performance and strutting your car on the roads, summer tires might be an ideal choice for your sweet ride.

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